An exciting new development in mental health services was launched in Buckinghamshire on Friday 27th January 2017. Buckinghamshire Recovery College is the first college in the county dedicated solely to supporting people’s mental health.


Using an empowering and innovative learning approach to mental health recovery, it will be run for people who use mental health services as well as their family and friends, carers and staff, by people who have experienced or live with mental ill-health themselves.

What makes the courses so unique is that they are co-produced and co-delivered by a Peer Tutor (someone with lived experience of mental health) and a Tutor by Training (Mental Health Care Professional). The aim is to bring people together to realise and inspire individual and collective potential, recognising and sharing experience, strengths, hope and successes so that people can take control back and become experts in their own wellbeing and recovery and live the life that they wish to live. Through education, people can learn how to take care of themselves, and others, more effectively as well as recognising their own resourcefulness, talents and skills in order to become experts in their own self care, make informed choices and achieve the things they want in life.


Testimonials from the Launch Day


“Thank you for a really inspiring event on Friday to celebrate the official launch of the Recovery College. You and the team really demonstrated how the power of working together has such a huge positive impact on people’s lives. “

Rob Bale

Clinical Director and Consultant Psychiatrist


“About time! Excellent idea, It feels that they will be much more focussed on Service Users and Carer’s needs and wants”

Anon Student


Incredibly powerful personal storytelling from Russell Brand and the team regarding their own mental health journey.

Dominic Hardisty